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MECAL High-tech / Systems Privacy Statement
Version 1 - Last Updated May 25, 2018

As an international company, MECAL High-tech / Systems (M-HTS), and its subsidiary companies, take all confidential information seriously and are committed to ensuring that your privacy and the handling of your information is done in a professional and transparent manner. For that reason we have a regularly updated Privacy Notice  which includes all relevant information regarding the collecting, processing and storing of personal data  in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. For a comprehensive copy of this policy please contact legal@mecal-hts.com

What information is collected and for what purpose?
M-HTS strives to collect only the relevant and necessary information in order to fulfil its desired outcome related to the business activities associated with the information. This may include the names and contact details (home and/or work phone number, physical address and email address) of customers, suppliers, applicants and employees, for the purpose of sale or purchase of goods and services, employment and other business related communication. Additional information may include sensitive information and is not limited to, date of birth, nationality, governmental ID number, languages spoken, bank information and proof of insurance. M-HTS maintains a registry of all processing activities for each of its business activities. For specific inquiries, please contact legal@mecal-hts.com

What is the legal basis for collecting the information?
M-HTS only collects and processes personal information when it has a legal basis for the processing of this information under applicable laws. Legal basis for processing personal data includes, but is not limited to, legitimate interest, legal obligations, vital interest of the data subject or by consent of an individual.

How does M-HTS use personal data?
M-HTS registers and processes personal data in order to deliver certain business related services. M-HTS  is guided by the principles of the GDPR when processing personal data.
1. M-HTS will remain lawful, fair and transparent when collecting personal data.
2. M-HTS will only collect personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purpose.
3. M-HTS will only collect relevant personal data in relation to the activity for which it is processed.
4. M-HTS will do its best to maintain up to date and accurate information. If personal information
is found to be inaccurate M-HTS will update the information upon notice.
5. M-HTS will store personal data only for as long as is needed for the original purpose or which is required by law.
6. M-HTS takes confidentiality seriously and protects personal information against unauthorized or unlawful access and processing by implementing technical and organizational measures.

Your Rights
Should you believe that any personal data M-HTS holds on you is incorrect or incomplete, you have the ability to request to see this information, rectify it or have it deleted. To exercise any of your rights or raise questions about your personal data, please contact M-HTS’s Data Protection Officer at legal@mecal-hts.com 

Changes to Privacy Statement
M-HTS reserves the right modify and update this Privacy Statement as needed. Any changes to this statement will be identified by updating the version number and date located at the top of this page.

Data Protection Officer: Nicky Wennemer
Capitool 15, Enschede 7521 PL, The Netherlands
E-Mail: legal@mecal-hts.com