MECAL High-tech / Systems


top employer with many options to grow


We take pride in many things: Being a top player in the industry, and we believe that is because we are an inclusive organization. We like our people because of their talents and skills, their drive – gender or background in that is not very relevant factor.We deploy that in all organizational layers and foster that.

We are part of quite an unique ecosystem where international dynamics in technology are a given – high expectations, high involvement. The people in our company take on a lot of responsibility and have a delivery and customer focus that is truly one of our best selling points

We grow and work with highly talented multilingual individuals across disciplines and with international experience and develop business founded on technology.

As an employer we value the ethos to build on mutual trust and respect. We have excellent work packages with rewards that fit the positions. We encourage personal and group development, specialists as well as generalists. And important: Our management is part of that development as well, to keep matching the needs.