in use at Maastricht UMC+

MECAL High-tech / Systems Hummingbird™ technology enables opthahamology


The patented vibration cancellation technology Hummingbird™ of MECAL-HTS is best of class in eliminating  vibrations. The technology is very scalable and can be designed around or even into sensitive equipment.

For Maastricht UMC+ it has been designed into a very shallow add-on console connecting a powerful microscope to the ceiling of the hospital. 


The performance of the existing microscope was not satisfactory due to  resonance in the architectural design of the building with  external vibration sources. There was a lot of interference that needed to be cancelled in order to use the operating theatre. 

MECAL-HTS has designed, manufactured and installed the Hummingbird™ technology into the existing system, and it has been working flawlessly, and in 2023 additional systems are planned to be put in use with more and newer microscopes

In the video on the left Prof. Dr. Webers, professor of Ophthalmology and Head of the University Eye Clinic Maastricht at Maastricht University Medical Centre comments on the impact of the Hummingbird™.