MECAL High-tech / Systems

MECAL High-tech / Systems is an independent global high end contracting engineering company that works for all the top tier technology companies, focusing on semiconductor, nanotechnologies and integrated medical applications. Mecal High-tech/Systems is in control of critical conditions, in and around high end equipment, co-developing with our customers and with our own IP and OEM base.

We are headquartered in the Netherlands. serving a vast growing and demanding global client base, and have local presence in all the major technology hubs in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US.


We analyse, consult, design, develop and integrate advanced technology solutions to create high economic value to our customers.

We grow and work with highly talented multilingual individuals across disciplines and with international experience and develop business founded on technology. Out of R&D and co-makerships we transform ideas into real, marketable solutions and a top notch product base.